happy mother’s day from portland

This outdoor market takes “sample day” to a whole new level. The experience would later be affectionately referred to as the morning toothpick feast. Bacon pickles, huckleberry rhubarb jam, roasted hazelnuts, vanilla & cayenne all-natural maraschino cherries, green chile corn chowder, cardamom rosewater cheesecake, dried royal ann cherries, goat cheddar, marionberry & cream cinnamon rolls, red cabbage slaw, sopressata, and more! Somehow amidst the frenzy of fine samples I managed to take a few pictures of the abundance.

Mom: I love you bunches and piles. All Mothers: may your jam jars overflow with local pleasures.

17 thoughts on “happy mother’s day from portland

  1. I just recently discovered the pleasure of the farmer’s/outdoor market myself. You get such a positive sense of community that just can’t be matched anywhere else! It’s great to meet with vendors that truely LOVE their product and what they do for a living! 🙂 Awesome pics, Amy!

  2. Amy, you’ve gotten me even more excited for my impending trip to the Pac NW to see David and Wendy later this month, if that were even possible! Technical question: what kind of camera are you using lately?

    • PacNW trip!! I mostly use a Canon T1i with the lens that came with it. My other one is a Sony automatic that fits in my pocket. I hope you have a wonderful trip and visit – EXCITING.

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