yeast-raised pancakes with ginger syrup & oranges

I never met a pancake I didn’t like, and I met a tasty new one this weekend. After flagging the recipe at SweetFineDay over a year ago, I finally got around to making Mark’s Yeast-Raised Pancakes. I remember reading the entry from the Pastry Chef of Whimsy & Spice and thinking to myself, those sound too good to be true: lighter, fluffier, slightly-yeasty pancakes that are ready to cook when you wake up?

Believe it, folks. Whip up the batter before bedtime and by morning you will find that your recipe has raised overnight! All that remains is cook time.

I burned the first few, because my skillet was too hot. After turning the dial down to between the 2 & 3, the pancakes puffed up and cooked throughout while staying golden on the tops and bottoms. The addition of ginger syrup and oranges to the yeasty pancake plate was reminiscent of a Belgian White beer brewed in orange peel. Welcome to the breakfast table at Summerflavorville.

13 thoughts on “yeast-raised pancakes with ginger syrup & oranges

  1. I love yeast-raised waffles. We usually make them with whole wheat pastry flour and the yeast still leaves them light and fluffy! The ginger/orange combo sounds amazing–I have never seen ginger syrup but you can bet I’ll be watching for it now.

  2. Will you stop it with those lush photos! I’ve only just finished lunch and now I feel like having some more food!!! These look really good. I am going to make these. Yes. I. Am. (Just not right now) =D

    • LOL I just re-read these again and realised we had read the same post and were inspired by these pancakes. In fact though, I remember reading the recipe from someone else originally but I could not find the post again. Did you also? I just posted about them last week after reading the post ages ago. I remember it was a male blogger/writer that I got the recipe from. I even remember the story he told of them but…no success in finding the post again πŸ˜›

  3. Oh my! What a delicious combination, I’ve never seen the ginger syrup before I must look for it. And I love the idea of whipping up the batter the night before

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