camaraderie at pix patisserie

During my visit to Portland there were many cherries on top of the sweet sundae of conversation and togetherness with my cousin and her family.  One such example: the luxury of a vanilla bean honey latte and fresh macaron in the morning.  Sitting and talking in the sunlight that flooded through the garage-door windows of a cafe adorned with flocked red wallpaper, Belgian beer, jewel-toned chocolates and stuffed monkeys, my world was enlightened, comforted, and caffeinated at Pix Patisserie with Jenne.

6 thoughts on “camaraderie at pix patisserie

  1. check out the gardens if you have time treet address is 611 SW Kingston Avenue, Portland, OR 97205.

  2. What an adorable place! Makes me eager to patron mom-and-pop places as opposed to huge franchises…like the one that begins with an “S”! 😉

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