the air in sitka

poppies sitka alaska2015 633

looking up silhouette alaska2015 528

eagle totem sitka alaska2015 474

becca looking alaska2015 509

roots sitka alaska2015 567I took these photos two months ago in Sitka, AK: “the village behind the islands.” The Sitka National Historical Park has to be the most breathable place I have ever been. There I saw towering totem poles quietly telling stories of Tlingit, Aleut, and Russian heritage; I heard ravens orating and echoing throughout the forest trees; I learned that balance and reciprocity are important concepts to the Tlingit society. I wish I could have spent more time in Sitka but am grateful for the day I was there.

grass courts & fire pits

watermelon sticks july food leftover 016 chip bags meat pickles buns july food leftover 192 dried play doh table july food leftover 153 peanut butter cup smores july food leftover 277My 4th of July holiday was filled with some of my favorite people and summertime things: a late breakfast, Wimbledon, grilled bratwurst, a rainbow of Play-Doh colors, shady backyards, and juicy watermelon sticks. I eventually took out my camera as cleanup began the following morning. That day was a little quieter, but it was just as nice: cookout leftovers, (grass court) basketball, and a patio fire pit with loved ones. There is something to be said for people who can lightly brown an entire marshmallow over an open flame. I am grateful, and I hope you made new memories this past weekend, too.

petal rain

may petals 099 pink petals may petals 110 pink tree may petals 137 pink tree may petals 253 pink petals z may petals 046 petal carpet
In bloom for one week
On the brown branches of trees.
Sweet smells of springtime.

Flowering up high.
The wind blows, and they drift down.
Pink petals carpet.

sunny phoenix memories

1 antique holiday window

2 joyride tacos phoenix

3 desert botanical 8

churn in the park

desert botanical 1

desert silhouette

st. francis restaurant at night
As I write, the wind chill factor in Indiana is negative 3-degrees, and there is almost 4 inches of snow on the ground. These photos were taken just over a week ago in sunny Phoenix where the temperature reached 88-degrees! The images of the Desert Botanical Gardens, afternoon markets and open air restaurants are warming, but the memories shared with a dear friend are even more so.