my favorite monsters

When I found out that my nephew liked these Monster Pops molds I had to get them for him for his birthday. Many healthful and gourmet popsicle recipes do exist, but today I celebrate the tried and true Kool-Aid popsicle. It’s good to be a kid and make monster faces and run around the yard eating icy sweetness. In the words of Kool-Aid Man, “Oh, yeah!”

4 thoughts on “my favorite monsters

  1. I agree that Kool-aid pops are yummy but if your lib has “Ice Pop Joy” pleeeeease check it out.

    I bought it for David and Wendy (shhhhh…) for some future birthday/christmas gift and it’s super fun to just look at too. The author is a crazy hippie, though. She named her kids after landmarks. Fun!

    • I will get it out from the library Monday! def. a fun gift for the fam. Now I am imagining a barefoot curly haired girl named Mt. Rushmore 🙂

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