lemon raspberry chocolate birthday

I was flattered when asked to bake a cake for my dear friend Mary’s 30th birthday back porch celebration.  I asked for her top 5 ingredients, and she said, “lemon and raspberry would be on the list, possibly strawberry or coconut. Usually chocolate, but it’s so-oo hot that fruit is on the brain.”  I found a hot pink raspberry cake recipe, then I was told about this lovely lemon yogurt cake recipe.  Why not both?  I added frozen raspberries to one of the layers of the undoubtedly light and fresh lemon cakes, and topped it with raspberry cream cheese frosting.  The hot pink cake turned into mini-cupcakes with dark chocolate buttercream.  The evening was filled with deliciousness (her husband makes homemade breads! and they made those nuts I can’t stop eating).  The birthday girl was aglow.

9 thoughts on “lemon raspberry chocolate birthday

    • I can see you and the boys making those cakes with all kinds of variations – seriously good even w/o frosting!

    • I could eat that raspberry frosting by the spoonful… put it on a graham, anything! hope a good cake finds you soon 🙂

  1. Amy, it looks wonderfully delicious! I’m going to have to try it some time,Everything looks Great!!! I love that picture of Mary too!

  2. oh good, i forgot to check if you had tried the lemon cake! looks great with the berry addition…we’d been putting some on top. alas, i did not make it to Delancey, the restaurant ran by orangette’s writer & her husband, while out in seattle. next time!

    • yes, it was a hit! I’ve got some blueberries in the freezer I think I’ll plop in there next time. if I’m ever out to Seattle again, Delancey will be on my list of stops. thanks again to you and Amelia for the tip on the recipe!

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