peachy pie memories

Those hands have been peeling peaches for 75 years! My grandma was one of ten brothers and sisters who grew up on a farm in Northeastern Indiana. This time of year, they would get up to seven bushels of peaches at a time, and the five girls would sit on the front porch and peel them for canning, to put up for the winter.  In the summer months, my great-grandma, Margaret Beck, would do all of the baking in the morning on a cook stove.  On special days, she would bake pie.  She used giant pie tins and always made at least two at a time.  My grandma came to stay with my mom this week, the first week for peaches in our area.  I visited one day after work and spent time with her in the kitchen. That night I sat at the table with my mom and grandma and ate peach pie off of my great-grandma’s dish.

14 thoughts on “peachy pie memories

  1. Great photos, Amy! How did the plate get so chipped – I don’t remember that…what pattern is it, Margaret?

    • thanks! I didn’t know you had a blog! it is now on my link page!! grandma’s do it best, don’t they? pretty sure one day you will be an amazing grandma, too!!

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