friends fruit haiku outside

Apple Orchard Afternoon

1 Orchard View Golden Delicious3 Pleasant View Orchard Apples On The Ground4 Josie Finds Apple5 Pleasant View Orchard Corn Field6 Pleasant View Indiana Nectarines7 Pleasant View Orchard Sorting Apples8 Pleasant View Orchard Indiana Fruit9 Pleasant View Orchard Peppers Up Close10 Pleasant View Orchard Snack Window11 Pleasant View Orchard Caramel Apples and Fudge12 Pleasant View Orchard Snacks13 Josie and Caramel Apples14 Pleasant View Orchard Playground

drive, snack, pick, shop, play

first weekend of September

apple orchard trip

3 replies on “Apple Orchard Afternoon”

Your photos are so wonderful. I am ready for a crunchy sweet fall Apple (with caramel, please)! So glad that your blog is back.

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