pdx, ripe ‘n ready

I have two awesome cousin trips coming up these next two weeks. Later this month I will travel to Kansas to see my youngest cousin on my mom’s side graduate high school (proud!), and later this week I will hop on a plane to visit my oldest cousin (it’s been too long!) on my dad’s side in Oregon. I can hardly sit still I am so excited, though refilling my coffee cup each time I fill up my laundry loads may also have something to do with the extra energy.

As I was packing I realized that I was strangely out of postage stamps. So yesterday I went to the Post Office and found the commemorative Indy 500 stamps and a few others for mailing. Once I got home I cropped some paper and old fruit boxes for postcards (still inspired by the one Katie sent me) to write while I am away. The colors of the nectarine boxes seemed like a great match for Portland. I saved a few back to send to people -YOU- who read this blog. I’ll write you a postcard from Oregon if you send your mailing address to cozywalls@gmail.com.

P.S. Thanks to those of you that either commented on or talked with me about my last post. I appreciate those bloggers who wrote about specifically honest things in their entries. Like I mentioned, I am using this space to mainly dwell on cozy things. If it makes you feel better, it represents about 10% of my life. Now I will go make pancakes, and maybe I will take pictures of them too.

6 thoughts on “pdx, ripe ‘n ready

  1. I have several comments/questions. I hope by the end of your visit you will be referencing me as your “wisest” or “coolest” cousin. (It has been too long…was the last time the summer of 2006?) You leave Thursday and you’re packing already?! More than the colors on the nectarine boxes, the simple fact that you are reusing material is sooooo Portland. Can’t wait to see you, but a little afraid of how much food we are going to consume together. πŸ™‚

    • I thought wisest and coolest was implied! N must have just been 5 months old last time in Ann Arbor… hope she’s up for drawing with her big cousin Amy and showing off her 5-year-old skills! Yes, I am almost all packed – told you I was excited. And what’s more, the address labels on the postcards are actually jam jar labels πŸ™‚ Much laughing and walking will have to compensate for our foodie indulgences (I told my mom about the biscuit place and her jaw dropped). See you THIS WEEK.

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