postcards and the city of brotherly love

Isn’t it the best to see something in the mailbox other than a doctor bill or credit card application?  A few weeks back I received a handwritten cardboard apple postcard in the mail, and it has been cheering me up ever since.  It was from the artful and thoughtful Katie, who took on the month of letters challenge and mailed at least one item through the post every day last month.

It was my turn to write, so I leafed through scraps of old end papers from bookmaking projects and sorted out all of the floral patterns (because SPRING is coming, you know!).  This year I am trying not to buy any new paper or fabric until I use up what I already have.  I cropped them into postcard size and sewed them onto cotton paper and the backs of old stationery.  The zig-zag stitch reminds me of a postage stamp.  Sewing paper always takes me back to practicing steady machine sewing in Mrs. Dafforn’s middle school Home Ec. class (we were allowed to start work on our fabric “Super Pockets” once we acheived a certain amount of control and straightness in our paper stitching).

Since I can never do just one of anything, I now have a pile of stitched postcards.  The timing is perfect, because I will be traveling for a few days this week to attend a library conference in Philadelphia.  When I am away I like to write cards, either at breakfast or before bed at night.  For me, it is important to share a bit of the experience I’ve been granted.

If you would like to see something in your mailbox from me, email your postal address to  I have seven postcards unaccounted for, and I would love to write to the first responders.  Oh!  And this will be my first time in Philadelphia, so I would be grateful for any tips you may have to share.

12 thoughts on “postcards and the city of brotherly love

  1. Philadelphia is a lovely city, if one I honestly haven’t spent enough time in. I’d say you can’t go wrong checking out the Magic Gardens, though. They’re beautiful and you don’t even need a sunny day to appreciate them. Have a great time!

  2. Sign me up! I always love being on the receiving end of your creations. In fact my house would be oh so boring without them;).

  3. I’d be honored to receive a post card from you. My Philadelphia tip is to listen to the radio station from the University of PA, wxpn 88.5. And the cheese steaks at ginos are awesome.
    Ann Plattner
    3025 weaver Ave.
    Baltimore, MD

  4. […] a few others for mailing. Once I got home I cropped some paper and old fruit boxes for postcards (still inspired by the one Katie sent me) to write while I am away. The colors of the nectarine boxes seemed like a great match for […]

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