chocolate peanut butter march basketball

After having record-high temps this week back home, we got the most wonderful rain all day today that made the redbuds pop against the wheat fields. Today was my day off, so I took a quick drive this afternoon to Peru (Indiana, Sillies). While I was there I stopped in at Day’s Sweets (I love that they have three OPEN signs) and could not resist bringing home some of their chocolate peanut butter bars for the sweet sixteen ballgames tonight. I partially blame the pervasive Reese’s commercials during March Madness, but chocolate, peanut butter, March, and basketball just seem to go together in my head.

6 thoughts on “chocolate peanut butter march basketball

  1. Hi Amy,
    Another great post. I own a candy store in England. We stock over a hundred varieties of old fashioned sweets in jars and also sell Beech,s traditional british chocolates. You can check us out at and my blog We ship candy abroad mostly to Canada and America. I’m a bit behind blogging at the moment because I am having an art exhibition next month and I am busy painting.
    Keep up the good work
    Regards, Anne

    • Thank you, Anne – your shop looks too good to be true! Being busy painting sounds nice to me. I would love to see some of your paintings sometime. Best wishes with the exhibition!

    • no way! it was my first time there, and everything I tasted was just like an authentic carry-in. I think the sugar helped me stay up for the game last night :(… here’s hoping for next year!

      • Haha absolutely, next year we’ll be fantastic! And I go to school at IU, and on way down to Bloomington I always try and stop in Days Sweets haha. It’s one of the last great candy shops!

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