good morning easter eggs

I made some simple Easter eggs this year with pigment and glitter letter stickers. Growing up, we always “blew out” the contents of the eggs (so we could make egg sandwiches) before dyeing them. It was only a few years ago that I had even heard of people hard boiling their Easter eggs (is that what you do?). I do enjoy a good pickled egg. Anyhow, I like how delicate and weightless the egg shell is once it has been emptied. This year I made french toast with the empties!

The more I look at the words “rise” and “shine,” the more I like them. At once, they can be simple and profound. Such renewal in nature this time of year here; it is my same hope for all of the people waking up out there.

17 thoughts on “good morning easter eggs

    • I was guilty of cracking some when I was littler… then, I was responsible for fishing out the egg shells 🙂

  1. i am totally going to try this with the boys. (we’re hard boilers too) whats the fun in cute little eggs that have to sit in the fridge?!

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