it’s a marshmallow world

Anyone remember the marshmallows in Voguemallow Grilled Sandwich? This weekend I took a quick trip with my friend Courtney to the source, where we learned from the mellifluent marshmallow makers at 240sweet. Chef Alexa and Co. were generous and funny (as we all hope good confectioners to be). While the mega batch of mallows were mixing, we were treated to samples of artisan marshmallows that were skewered and toasted on the spot. Flavors like Banana Split, Elephant Ear, and Salty Caramel Swirl = pillowy roasted gooey bliss. We all got to taste spoons of the fresh mango mallows right off the beater, then we put on plastic aprons and shaped up our own vanilla bean mallows with powder and pizza cutters (Courtney snapped my picture in action!). Hers were wedges that looked like a wheel of brie and mine were something like abstract picket fences and piano keys. I wanted to buy all available flavors, but I had to limit myself to two pouches. I chose the Hoosier Strawberry and March’s Flavor of the Month: Dirty Leprechaun (creation forthcoming). Thanks, 240sweet for a good time, and Happy March, All.

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