voguemallow grilled sandwich

I can be a purist when it comes to trends and classics, but in some cases it makes sense to pair a trend with a classic. I think slipping that trend in there adds a little something to indicate that you are not dead yet. I picked up some artisan marshmallows last Saturday morning while visiting the Irvington neighborhood festival. How does one decide between banana cinnamon, thai chili, and passion fruit megamallows (especially when freshly toasted ones are given to you)? I ended up taking home toasted coconut, bacon chocolate chip and pawpaw marshmallows coated in crunchy bourbon barrel aged sugar; they seemed Novemberish. That makes several food trends wrapped up in one, and I introduced them to the classics called hot cocoa and fluffernutter. The bacon chocolate chip mallows were best suited for the grilled peanut butter Wonderbread sandwich. Big warm sweet crispy melty sandwich yum. In the end for me, when it comes to food and fashion, comfort is king.

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