sunday night sweet biscuitscape

It just takes a few sweet potatoes (or one whopper sweet potato) and spoonful of cinnamon to transform a biscuit into a stand-alone sweet treat.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of biscuits, but these are my new favorite.  I use this recipe from Paula Deen, a food mill as my sweet potato sieve, add 1 t cream of tartar and 2 T cinnamon.  My mom gave me these square biscuit cutters at Easter, and the little ones make adorable bite-sized biscuits!  Kind of like monkey bread, only less sticky and somewhat healthier.  And lucky for me, I found some gingerbread ale in my cupboard that accompanied nicely.

you are one nutty noodle

I have always appreciated the heartiness and speedy cooktime of the soba noodle and have been enjoying them in a new way (to me) since discovering this recipe.  I most like this dish chilled, with extra avocado and jalapeño.  The dressing is a simple reduction, easy to save and also works with ginger paste.  Now that the days are longer, it sure has been nice to come home and eat dinner in the daylight.