cookie tray in a pinch

I had grand plans for my contribution to the office sweets party this year, but life events intervened and those plans will have to be realized in the future. Whattodo when you can’t make your own homemade treats? Make your own assortment tray of your favorite locally made cookies! In my case, I dropped by the Cookie Cottage for some soft double chocolate raspberry cream and double chocolate chip mint cookies. Selection and presentation can be gifts, and a positive part of the holidays is sharing the things you love; so I say, double it up whenever possible!

pink snow float

Do you have a tree-gazing beverage of choice? You know, a special drink to sit and sip once the tree is decorated and lit. Mine is a pink snow float. Assembly involves a few scoops of peppermint ice cream drenched with ginger ale (of course, if tree decorating is extra-challenging, a splash of gin may also be appropriate). Once the ginger ale is poured, a frothy pink bubblemound will appear at the top! Ginger and peppermint are as easy on my taste buds as they are on my tummy.

decorating with gingerbread, part 2

To commemorate my mom’s Wild Horses grant study this year, I decorated her tree with new gingerbread ornaments. Two additions to the cookie cutouts were two Martha Stewart craft products that I have been eyeing for at least five years. Thanks to a Michael’s coupon and the excuse of “it’s my birthday,” I now own superfine glitter and baker’s twine! When I look at the finished tree I can’t help but think of the song lyric, “All of the good gifts given today; Ours is the sky and the wide open range.” I am thankful for all of the gifts that would never have a coupon or need wrapping.

cran-orange cookie cups

I made fresh cranberry orange sauce this year for Thanksgiving.  Though I can eat it by the spoonful, it is no surprise it was the lone leftover of the weekend.  Not everyone goes for jiggly, tart, citrusy substances.  Today I added the zest of one orange to a little extra sugar cookie dough from a project I was working on in hopes of making a version of jam thumbprints with the leftover sauce.  (I soon discovered that there is a reason for the difference in the dough of sugar cookies and thumbprint cookies) the cookies basically flattened out, so I decided to put two dough balls in a mini cupcake paper (sort of looked like these “mallow butts” from one of my favorite sites) and bake away.  It worked better, and I made a well in the cookie cup for the cranberry sauce and topped it off with a shard of dark chocolate.  These cran-orange cookie cups with chocolate may convert a few to the cranberry side.  What’s a leftover?

Special thanks to my Aunt Priscilla and Aunt Susan who both complimented me on my sauce and gave me blog encouragement on Thanksgiving Day.  I am fortunate to have such dedicated women (mothers, wives, public school teachers, etc.) in my life – this post is for you!

franken-krispie-berry treats

I have had Frankenberry on the brain since I decided to put together a friendly strawberry cereal monster costume this year. One time I made Booberry cupcakes for Halloween, but when I saw the strawberry marshmallow sale at Kroger, I was inspired to make Frankenberry Rice Krispie treats. I stuck wild berry Life Savers gummies on with icing for the geary eyes and cut out some strawberry Fruit Roll-ups for the eyebrows. Crunchy and chewy pink monster! I can’t wait to wear my pink hair… this Frankenberry will be a little more pixie ladylike, I think.

if not for him

I wouldn’t be here.  And I wouldn’t have experienced Angel Food Cake French Toast from Spyro’s this morning!  I intended to make breakfast rolls for Father’s Day, but yesterday’s migraine dictated else ways.  So we went out for brunch instead and then watched cake shows and baseball on TV.  Three of us split the french toast, garden frittata and Wyoming bacon (when bacon is thick and good, my dad calls it Wyoming bacon), otherwise we may not have been able to get out of our booth.  My dad played the organ the morning I was born and watches Christmas movies with me at any time of the year.  I like to watch birds, ballgames and eat brats with him.  Thanks, Dad, for reminding me today not to let emotions get in the way of joy.  Cheers to happy memories and all of the fathers who work so hard to provide a joyful future for their children.