decorating with gingerbread, part 2

To commemorate my mom’s Wild Horses grant study this year, I decorated her tree with new gingerbread ornaments. Two additions to the cookie cutouts were two Martha Stewart craft products that I have been eyeing for at least five years. Thanks to a Michael’s coupon and the excuse of “it’s my birthday,” I now own superfine glitter and baker’s twine! When I look at the finished tree I can’t help but think of the song lyric, “All of the good gifts given today; Ours is the sky and the wide open range.” I am thankful for all of the gifts that would never have a coupon or need wrapping.

8 thoughts on “decorating with gingerbread, part 2

      • i have such great photographic intentions, but my camera is just crap. everytime i go to your site i think “I wish MY camera could do that”. i wish, i wish, i wish. maybe for my wishlist…

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