cran-orange cookie cups

I made fresh cranberry orange sauce this year for Thanksgiving.  Though I can eat it by the spoonful, it is no surprise it was the lone leftover of the weekend.  Not everyone goes for jiggly, tart, citrusy substances.  Today I added the zest of one orange to a little extra sugar cookie dough from a project I was working on in hopes of making a version of jam thumbprints with the leftover sauce.  (I soon discovered that there is a reason for the difference in the dough of sugar cookies and thumbprint cookies) the cookies basically flattened out, so I decided to put two dough balls in a mini cupcake paper (sort of looked like these “mallow butts” from one of my favorite sites) and bake away.  It worked better, and I made a well in the cookie cup for the cranberry sauce and topped it off with a shard of dark chocolate.  These cran-orange cookie cups with chocolate may convert a few to the cranberry side.  What’s a leftover?

Special thanks to my Aunt Priscilla and Aunt Susan who both complimented me on my sauce and gave me blog encouragement on Thanksgiving Day.  I am fortunate to have such dedicated women (mothers, wives, public school teachers, etc.) in my life – this post is for you!

5 thoughts on “cran-orange cookie cups

  1. This looks very delicious! This dough looks very tender than the normal thumbprint cookie. Can you please tell me how to make this dough? 🙂
    Thank you.

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