time’s a cranking

1 cozywalls time hand cranking ice cream grandma 2 rock salt for hand crank ice cream at grandma's 4 grandma hand crank ice cream 6 taste of homemade vanilla ice cream 7 melting vanilla ice cream from hand crank with spoon 8 cranking ice cream then and now 9 homemade ice cream with saltine in bowl

Together with my sister and her kids, we hand-cranked a batch of vanilla ice cream with our grandma/great-grandma on the cement outside of her front yard.  We were celebrating her 85th birthday… the same way we did when my sister and I were kids.

3 thoughts on “time’s a cranking

  1. Ice cream the traditional way..!!I did it only once with my mom,when I was 9. You brought me back such good memories!!!happy birthday to your great-grandma!!

  2. I’m trying to hold back tears as I look at these photos. It reminds me of my great-grandmother who made us homemade ice cream on the screened porch every summer and occasionally in the winter if we were good. Cherish those moments. I love it.

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