honeycomb birthday brittle

You know those cozy hexagonal structures of wax made by bees to store their precious goods, including honey? How perfect that this honey brittle recipe also takes on the appearance of its former storage home: the honeycomb! Martha Stewart’s recipe for Honeycomb Brittle has been close to the top of my “I want to make this recipe” mountain since I spied it a few years ago.

All that time I had no idea that I was just four ingredients away from a little kitchen science and my new favorite brittle recipe.  The mixture explodes in the pot when baking soda is added at the last minute, which accounts for is delightful airiness. It’s also easy to break apart once it hardens; if you’d like a little more control over the shapes of the shards, just score the brittle with a knife beforehand.

Next time I will add walnuts or almonds to the honey candy, as it is a perfect mix for encasing extra goodies.  In part of this batch I set up candles in the brittle and broke them apart to make edible candle holders for plopping atop a honey lemon cake later this week (I will be 32!).  The honeycomb brittle was also a fun and sweet crunchy accompaniment to a mug of creamy Greek yogurt the other morning. There’s nothing wrong with pre-celebrating, is there?

Since it stores and travels well, I am taking bags of the light and golden candy to contribute to our family munchies this holiday. Warm (and sweet) Thanksgiving wishes to All.

P.S. Dreaming All Day included me in 50 Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas today – check out her yummy round-up!

11 thoughts on “honeycomb birthday brittle

  1. I have tried to make this in the past at least three times – each time it failed to rise and always tasted of tangy baking soda – a disappointment, but perhaps I should try again!

  2. Is this like the honeycomb candy you can buy in stores? Kinda sticks to your teeth when you eat it? Generally enrobed in chocolate? ‘Cause I love that stuff….!

    • I have never bought honeycomb candy in the store before — what brands should I look out for? I love the idea of dousing it in chocolate!

      • Uhm… gosh, I don’t know! I have found it in the bulk section of some stores… I don’t know that there is a particular brand. The best was in Virginia in a grocery store called “Wegmans” (we don’t have that here). I think I’ve also bought it at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company, and various seaside resorts… and, yeah – it’s fabulous covered in chocolate!

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