! cookies

I’m doing some cookie testing, because it’s fun, and because I got this snappy wedding invitation in the mail that also invited guests to contribute a kick-ass cookie to the celebration’s cookie mountain. This couple is awesome, and I want to bestow some worthy-tasting and fun-looking cookies to that sweets sierra.

First up, aesthetics and edible letterpress! I tested out my letter pressed cookie cutters on some basic sugar cookie dough. I have a feeling that a shortbread cookie will better hold shape and impression more than the flopsy sugar cookie recipe. I have it in mind to come up with a cocktail twist on a basic butter cookie inspired by the bride and groom, so TBC…

In the meantime, I tested the letterpress look using the ! cutter/stamp. Sometimes a lone ! is the vaguely perfect expression of a thought or feeling inside of me. In sentences, I try not to use them too much. If it bothers you, you’ll have to either ignore it or forgive me; I get excited.

Remember the Seinfeld Episode where Elaine is accused of haphazardly using exclamation points?

Jerry: You’re out of your mind you know that.

Elaine: What?

Jerry: It’s an exclamation point! It’s a line with a dot under it.

Elaine: Well, I felt a call for one.

Jerry: A call for one, you know I thought I’ve heard everything. I’ve never heard a relationship being affected by a punctuation.

Elaine: I found it very troubling that he didn’t use one.

12 thoughts on “! cookies

  1. i love everything about this post. i am not quite sure what recipe i will be taking but probably white chocolate macademia, if i can find a “kick ass” recipe, for those kick ass friends of ours!

    • Your idea sounds perfect! I must consult with you this weekend concerning my flavor idea. Cookie mountain THIS MONTH 🙂

  2. Those look marvelous! I’m thinking I might need to try those letter press cookie cutters with springele — the design isn’t traditional, but it just might work. I’ve always used great-grandma’s springele pin, but I don’t think it would be sacrilegious to experiment a little.

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