anything is possible

Guess who had the most customers at my sister’s garage sale? That’s right, the 6-year-old selling lemonade and cookies. My nephew is quite the little businessman. He even made sure to charge more for chocolate chip cookies because, “they are most popular.” My favorite transaction was when a neighborhood man asked him if it was possible to get one butterscotch cookie and a large lemonade. My nephew replied, “of course, ANYTHING is possible!”

10 thoughts on “anything is possible

  1. Absolutely loved this post! There is something about kids having lemonade stands that is timeless and makes me smile. Actually, anytime they aren’t infront of a computer or tv makes me smile, but dipping their toes into entrepreneurship is so adorable!

    • yes, the plane! One last flight before it found a new home. The kids were nostalgic about some of their old toys that hadn’t been touched in years šŸ™‚

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