cloudy with a chance of pepperoni

I love storm clouds, especially when they are topped with salty and sweet things and shared with my favorite people. Are you surprised to know that Barrett’s tale of the town of Chewandswallow was one of my favorite books (I am afraid to watch the movie – should I?), and perhaps one of the purchasing influences behind one of my favorite cookie cutters? I get a lot of use out of my Herriott Grace cloud cookie cutter for cookies (once I took pictures of the applesauce donut clouds I made with it), but this time I used it for snack pizzas! Pizzaclouds are a bit tedious but fun to individualize. During this round I made three varieties: chèvre/sweet onions (caramelized in olive oil, cinnamon & sugar)/sundried tomato-stuffed green olives, fresh mozzarella/basil pesto/tomato, smoked provolone/marinara/pepperoni. Wishing your stormy Spring days to be sweet and savory.

15 thoughts on “cloudy with a chance of pepperoni

  1. Looks like I should add that book to our list:) The Easter Bunny brought “Henri’s Walk to Paris” and we LOVE it. As always, you have the best recommendations!

  2. Too cute! Even though I have no cloud cutter, small cut-outs are such a great idea for when I have random scraps of charcuterie leftover!

  3. As a great fan of the book, I also had reservations about the movie when it came out. It turned out that I *LOVED* the movie! It takes the imaginative ideas in the Barretts’ enchanting little book and runs with them in surprising and delightful directions. I consider it one of the most creative films I’ve ever seen; I readily suspended all vestiges of disbelief and thoroughly enjoyed the resulting flight of fancy.

    Your cloud pizzas would fit right in. 🙂

  4. I’ve just come over from your freshly pressed post and am now browsing through the rest of your blog feeling increasingly more peckish, despite not have eaten lunch that long a time ago…….and I’m wondering if you love clouds…? This is a super sweet idea. And I love cheese, anything with melted cheese on it is too tempting to resist..these clouds don’t look very big either…almost bite-sized…oh dear! I’d probably eat a whole pan-full by myself!

  5. mmmmmm!! love your cloud pizzas! I also love the movie…I make the kids watch it over and over, I never tire of it!! Just noticed that there will be a sequel…so watch the first one first, I’m sure it will be the best! I would love to have a cloud cutter 🙂 Just found your blog and am sure enjoying the recipes and the photos!

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