fancy plane snacks

Don’t worry, the usual malted milk balls and peanut butter crackers are in my bag, too.  This granola recipe, adapted from Melissa Clark’s in In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite (recommend), is the only one I have made that doesn’t call for honey.  The cardamom/maple syrup/olive oil combo seeps into the oats and turns them into an addiction!  The great thing about granola is there are unlimited ingredient variations.  My sister always does coconut and pecans, my friend Mary gave me a delicious batch with dried blueberries and walnuts at the holidays.  Dried papaya, almonds, and pumpkin seeds were my add-ins this time.  I think I am all set to fly now, and I will also have a few homemade gifts to give.  It just occurred to me that making granola is a lot like making caramel corn, and oh, the kitchen smells the same.

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