spring sticker cleaning

1 envelope of stickers and paperclips

2 sticker hands

sticker pile
One of my favorite collections as a kid was my sticker collection.  Afterall, I was an American child of the Eighties.  Unfortunately I no longer have my spiral album filled with scratch ‘n’ sniff (Mello Smello online?!) and velour stickers, but I do still keep a full sticker box.  After years of being a summer camp counselor, preschool art teacher, and avid envelope (letter writer) decorator, I have amassed all sorts of sticky embellishments in there.  I am doing a little crafty spring cleaning and want to share the love with anyone interested.  If you or someone you know would like to receive a sticker assortment in the mail, send the mailing address to me at cozywalls@gmail.com — first five responders will get an envelope from me soon!

6 thoughts on “spring sticker cleaning

  1. I love stickers too. I recently took a whole bunch of mine to work (I’m a library officer) and gave them out to kiddies at the counter instead of the obligatory library stamp. It’s rare to find a kid who doesn’t like a sticker (but when you do find one, you’re thinking “What’s WRONG with you!?”).

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