lunch and candy, not necessarily in that order

1 cinnamon ribbon candy olympia

kirby dip chocolate turtles

lunch olympia mirror register

mugs olympia seating tin ceiling lights

soda shop lemonade

x olympia candy windowGiant cinnamon ribbon candy | Hand-dipped turtles by a man with 35 years worth of practice | 100 year old diner with a lunch counter across from a candy counter | Candy cane heart pendant lights hanging from a tin ceiling | Best-tasting soda shop lemonade ever | My first visit to the Olympia Candy Kitchen, a place “reminiscent of the days when the world revolved a little slower.”   Now that’s more my speed.

2 thoughts on “lunch and candy, not necessarily in that order

  1. I never heard of this lunch counter in Goshen – wow! Great subject matter to use in your blog! Next time in Goshen, go to Penguin Point and take a picture of their food…ha, ha!! Oh, how I miss some food items in Indiana 🙂

  2. Aunt Rosemary told us to go there and take pictures 🙂 It’s funny that you mention Penguin Point, because when we passed the one in Warsaw I was going to stop and take picture just for you! There’s still one in Waynedale, too.

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