peach wontons with browned butter whiskey sauce

Here’s another recipe where the measurements are up to you. Ingredients: fresh peaches, brown sugar, wonton wrappers, butter, and whiskey. Once the peaches are sliced (or diced), sprinkle them with brown sugar (I used smoked demerara sugar, but brown sugar is also good). Place the peach mix on top of wonton wrappers. Fold over and pinch edges together using water or egg white as adhesive. Fry one minute on each side in hot oil. Drain and cover with powdered sugar or browned butter whiskey sauce. To make the sauce, brown some butter on the stovetop, then whisk in some whiskey and brown sugar. Cook till it reduces to a near caramel state and pour over tops of fried peach wontons. Voilà: crunchy dough, spiked glaze, sweet steam, and warm August peaches, intersecting in one juicy wonton bite.

17 thoughts on “peach wontons with browned butter whiskey sauce

  1. AMY! … i am in love! we have a “food night” coming up soon (theme being local foods) and i may just make these, the look amazing!

    • yes, find that peach farmer! andy already has the wonton routine down, so you could make whatever filling or glaze. pretty quick to do once everything is washed/cut.

  2. oh good golly, have to make these! Ironically I was cleaning the deep fryer up tonight and saying I’d put it away for awhile because I thought I wouldn’t be using it again til, I don’t know, donuts or something someday in the winter. But luckily it is handy because this weekend we’re trying this one out! Thank you and such a beautiful, beautiful job on the blog!

    • YES – fun for the weekend! I love the thought of fresh donuts on a wintery day 🙂 Thank you for that thought and all of your kind comments!

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