reading letters telling stories

Earlier this week my grandma and I spent an afternoon together reading letters, telling stories, and eating ice cream. We read the correspondence of sisters, between a Midwestern farm in Indiana and the nation’s capital in Washington D.C. My grandma’s eldest sister, my Great Aunt Catherine, was laid to rest a few weeks ago. She enjoyed a long and lively career in the city while my grandma raised a family as the wife of a professor near their hometown. My grandma laughed and laughed as she read aloud one letter she wrote her eldest sister in the ’40s (thanking her for the use of her high school formal and including a joke she had heard that day over the radio). The letters sparked many lively memories, which led to storytelling. The afternoon was ageless.

9 thoughts on “reading letters telling stories

    • yes! she even asked me if I wanted to borrow some of her “Revlon Red” AND she had regular paint on her hand from an earlier project. we like to paint πŸ™‚

  1. My grandmother was a great letter writer and storyteller. Your post reminded me how precious the times I spent with her were, and thus how much I miss her… Thank you for sharing!

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