chocolates and succulents

My living stones are outgrowing their egg cups! Isn’t it just when you think something is not going to change, you blink and it has? If nothing else, time changes things. Even when it’s misty and foggy, things grow, reproduce, or die. So I am propagating my succulents in the spirit of growth. If all goes well, I will share them with those of you who like the little muted water retainers as much as I do. If only chocolates could be propagated…

4 thoughts on “chocolates and succulents

  1. Kudos on your gardening skills. Usually, when I try to grow things, it doesn’t end up well… unless I don’t try. (Cough… philodendron… cough.) Beautiful photos! ^_^

  2. I really adore living stones, but only half as much as I love little, adorable plants stashed inside little, adorable dishes! Cute post!

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