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three ingredient lemon biscuits

Knowing that I would have to extract myself for work this weekend, I had a holed up day yesterday that started with the easiest, tangiest biscuits on the planet. Last week my mom asked me, “have you ever used self-rising flour?” Me: Yes, in a supereasy baby food cupcake recipe. “Well, this biscuit recipe calls for just two ingredients: self-rising flour and sour cream.” Two ingredient (I suppose you can argue the case that self-rising flour is more than “one ingredient” but humor me) biscuits?! Say no more. I tried it out with an added lemon kick. They were so tender and tart and comforting with raspberry jam and hot tea. I have all sorts of plans for this biscuit base now.

Three Ingredient Lemon Biscuits
Enhanced from the recipe in Endangered Recipes
Makes 10 or so

Preheat oven to 425-degrees

(Using a fork) mix together 1 C self-rising flour, 1 C sour cream, juice & zest of 1 Lemon

Turn out onto floured surface and roll to preferred thickness (sticky dough – just keep extra flour on hand)

Bake about 12 minutes

You too can prevent recipe extinction!

10 replies on “three ingredient lemon biscuits”

thank you! hope you enjoy the biscuits as much as I do… fun to come up with that third and fourth ingredient.

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