skillets and smoothies slow tempo

I went out of town with my sister’s family over the weekend to visit the Museum of Science and Industry and see a baseball game before my nephew starts kindergarten this week.  The rain and cooler temperatures were to our advantage, and we enjoyed every minute in the Windy City.  Yesterday we filled up with breakfast on the patio at Tempo’s on State & Chestnut.  I ordered a Michigan Omelette (cheddar and apples!) and liked the atmosphere that was busy & laid back at the same time.  It’s not so hard to wait for malted pancakes if you have a fruit smoothie to keep you occupied!

2 thoughts on “skillets and smoothies slow tempo

  1. Was just in the Windy City, too! Went to the same museum – now I”m going to check out the restaurant you mentioned! Does your sister want to adopt us so I can visit more often? 🙂

    • ! was great to be away, not so far away. The museum kept blowing my mind, not being much of a science person (my favorite part was the ice cream parlor from 100 years ago – ha). Indoor lightning, what? My nephew was in heaven with all of the interactive exhibits! Yes, Tempo Cafe is always open, too. Yummy eating out of a skillet and reasonable prices – do it!

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