huckleberry jammie dodgers

Who doesn’t like a sandwich cookie?  There are so many good ones, and I made my first jammie dodger yesterday!  I added cinnamon to Martha’s shortbread cookie recipe for the biscuit part and jarred huckleberry preserves for the jammie part.  Huge thanks to my mom for picking up some huckleberry preserves for me when she was in Montana last month.  I will make my own someday… maybe after a future summer visit to a Farmer’s Market in the northwest where the fresh dark purple berries are plenty?  I think it’s the heat, but big ol’ dinners are not appealing lately.  Tonight I was satisfied with a tart and spicy huckleberry jammie dodger, buttery slices of manchego, fresh apricots and iced tea.  Flavor grand slam in my ballpark.

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