antidotes and anecdotes, part 1

Single square images and silly hashtags became important to me during a time when blogging did not seem like an option. Since it has been over three years since my last blog post, you can fill in some of my story at my Instagram account. The tagline there used to be “antidotes and anecdotes” much for the same reasons that this blog is called “cozy good times.” I posted images that either amused me or provided a remedy when I needed a reminder of good things during the inevitable. Yes, it is a highlight reel of sorts, aimed at sharing the good stuff whenever possible.

It feels nice to dust off the old WordPress account and begin to document, express, and share again in this way. My goal is to create new content once a week, so shoot me an email at if you have ideas of topics to pursue. For now, I will continue to catch you up on a few important developments around here… stay tuned for part 2.