fall at the filling station

Leave it to me to put a falltime twist on gas station junk food. The moment I saw orange coconut sno balls, I thought they had to be made to look like pumpkins. All it took was a green apple sour punch bite punched through the center of the mallow cake to make a stem for the sno ball pumpkin. Next, I thought sno-caps had good acorn cap potential, so I stuck them to the tops of peanut butter m&m’s with a dot of frosting. I realize they don’t look like acorns, but they did make a tasty pair. As a good friend kindly observed, “they look like m&m’s with hats.” I think I may just start dressing up m&m’s… gotta get my kitsch fix!

6 thoughts on “fall at the filling station

    1. YES, nuts! I love the idea of a macadamia – they are so tasty and cool looking. Maybe some “snowy acorns” for the winter… white choco. chips, too? love nuts and chocolate together (oh, and wine, of course).

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