gelato in roanoke

For me, Roanoke used to just be the place I went up 900N for jumprope practice in the school gym with the Hopping Hoosiers. Today, their main street is a tiny epicurean treasure of sorts, led by the Joseph Decuis establishment (I am only familiar with the emporium and wine cellar and can only imagine the dining and lodging experience). A recent addition to Main Street in Roanoke is Moose & Mollie’s, a place for a cool sweet treat. I stopped in with my mom during the small Farmer’s Market Saturday, and we sampled a few of the gelato varieties, including Blueberry Butter Cookie.  I had a chocolate hankering, so I went with Dark Chocolate Raspberry, and Mom went with Banana Caramel Praline.  More Americanized (topping options!) than what I remember at the Trevi Fountain; Moose & Mollie’s was friendly, fresh and charming, much like Roanoke.  I also cannot deny the coziness of a window seat and a candy counter in the same room.  Made me want to get out the ol’ beaded jumpropes and turn up some Van Halen.

4 thoughts on “gelato in roanoke

      1. maybe by then I will have met a single musician who appreciates some kobe beef. ha. either way, something to really look forward to. you two are among my favorite couples, you know

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